Damp Damage Repairs

Caravan damp damage and repairs are often inevitable consequences of ownership and enjoyment. You might not have control over these problems, however you do have control over who you choose to go to for advice and repairs. Here at Caravan Mobile Services, we can provide you with a great service which also provides you with value for money.

Here is an example of a repair which Caravan Mobile Services carried out on a caravan in need of external and internal repairs. The rear panel had several cracks and stress fractures. The internal damage was caused by the water ingress as a direct result. This led to water stained wall board and a rotten timber frame.

With repairs such as this, we take costings into consideration, with the intention of giving our customers the best possible value for their money. The job required new timber frames to be bonded in position, a new wallboard bonded in and a cassette toilet and cabinet re-fitted. The end result was a success.

Many of the larger caravan servicing companies prefer to repair damage by replacing complete panels. This can be very expensive and can sometimes result in further damage to your vehicle. At Caravan Mobile Services, our mission is to prolong the life of your caravan by completing bespoke repairs to any damage that we find. This is more cost effective and kinder to your caravan!

For advice and servicing please contact us or visit us at our service centre in Margam, Port Talbot.


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