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DTV Aerial

An omni directional aerial can be a great addition to your leisure vehicle.

Why not take a few comforts from home for some relax time in your leisure vehicle.

If you like to watch T.V whilst away in your caravan or motorhome, an omni-directional aerial makes it easy. The omni-directional caravan aerial can capture HD digital Freeview, DAB and FM signals from any angle, so no more fussing about to find the best signal. Leisure aerials are durable and have a waterproof housing making them ideal for use on any leisure vehicle.

Aerials designed for use on leisure vehicles are designed to run off a 12v booster which means they are good for all types of holiday breaks, whether your on site with electric hook up or wild camping.

We have been installing aerials from Falcon Technology for a few years, there are plenty of options to choose from including 1 with built in 4G internet.

The high gain DTV omni directional aerial offers huge advantages over the older analogue type with a stronger reception providing excellent digital reception. With many caravans and motorhomes suffering with poor reception after digital rollout, why not give us a call, let us install a Falcon Technology aerial and give your leisure vehicle TV the boost it needs.

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We have been installing Falcon aerials for a few years, there are some great options including 4G internet.

4G DTV aerial
Kenfig Caravan Centre

Aerials Installation Availability

Please give us a call for more information and pricing, or to book an installation.

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