Satellite TV

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QuickSat Satellite TV

QuickSAT is the perfect solution to enjoy live satellite channels wherever you go!

A must have accessory for onboard entertainment.

Satellite TV for your caravan or motorhome is now very easy and cost effective thanks to the latest QuickSAT technology from Falcon, no more messing around with traditional satellite finders or watching signal bars on your TV. QuickSat is very easy to use, whether using a portable manual tuning system or a roof mounted, fully automatic system. The fully automatic roof mounted system operates and finds correct positioning at the touch of a button.

The QuickSat portable satellite has a clever elevation and alignment system to enable the user to accurately set up within a few minutes. QuickSat automatic satellite dishes and domes all come with many great features and in various sizes, receiving all TV channels across the UK France & Northern Spain. QuickSat works with any free to air satellite receiver or any TV with a built in satellite receiver. Users will also be able to tune in to various other European satellites.

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If you like your TV when your away in your leisure vehicle, then satellite TV is a great accessory to install.

satellite dish on caravan
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Satellite TV Installation Availability

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