Solar Panels

You won’t be disappointed with our level of service. We can also service your leisure vehicle and keep your manufacturers warranty up to date.

Free Solar Energy

Solar Energy Providing Convenience for Your Leisure Vehicle

Having the use of solar power in your leisure vehicle means you can really go off grid.

Having the use of solar power in your leisure vehicle means you can really go off grid, no electric hook-up needed, allowing you to really get away from it all and visit some more remote and peaceful locations.
The average amount of sunshine a UK summer delivers, along with a 150W solar panel will charge your battery at around 105 Ah per day.

So, not such a bad investment!

Today’s solar panels are quite advanced and can provide charging without direct sunshine. A good panel can provide a charge to 1 or 2 batteries via a charge controller. This is especially ideal for motorhomes that sometimes may experience difficulty starting the vehicles engine after periods of non use. We are able to connect your leisure battery and vehicle starter battery and even adjust the percentage of energy provided to each battery.

When fitted along side a power inverter, a solar panel is able to provide electricity to your leisure vehicle mains supply to power your sockets.

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We were able to install a 150W solar panel to provide a charge to the leisure battery and the vehicles starter battery. No worries of not being able to use lighting or water pump. No flat vehicle starter battery any more!

image of solar panel for leisure vehicle
Kenfig Caravan Centre
Solar Energy

Solar Panels Installation Availability

Please contact us for more information, availability and installation costs.

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