Brake Damage Repair

Brake damage is not uncommon in Caravans and can often occur if you haven’t had your brakes adjusted correctly in the first place. At Caravan Mobile Services we offer a brake inspection and repair service so that you don’t suffer the inconvenience and danger of brake failure.

Here is an example of a repair which Caravan Mobile Services carried out on a caravan with brake problems caused by the breakaway cable being routed incorrectly. This caused the handbrake to operate whilst the caravan was being towed. A costly mistake but one we were able to help sort out.


On closer inspection, it was clear that the brakes had also been over adjusted and this resulted in extreme temperatures affecting all braking components. You can see from the images the drum itself has gone a burnt orange colour. The inside of the hub is also black from the high temperatures burning oil and lubricant from the wheel bearing. The brake shoes have also got a blue tinge to them caused by the high heat and the breaking material has also cracked on one shoe which can cause broken off pieces to jam up inside the drum causing even more damage.

We were able to replace the wheel bearings, brake shoes and tyres for the customer and in addition we correctly adjusted the brakes so that the problem wouldn’t reoccur.


At Caravan Mobile Services, we now offer a brake inspection and repair service which includes a physical and visual inspection of the braking components of your vehicle with adjustments made if necessary. This service takes approximately an hour and a half with prices starting from £60. Our call out service is also available should the caravan not be towable. We can also inspect and repair whilst you wait with our advance booking service.

For advice, inspection and repair please contact us on 01656 747264 or visit us at our service centre in Margam, Port Talbot.

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