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Caravan Spring Clean

Summer is on the way, so now is the perfect time for that annual Caravan Spring Clean! Not sure where to start? No need to panic, we have it covered. From insurance to cleaning to maintenance, we have all you need to know when it comes to giving your caravan a spring clean.

Your caravan insurance
A spring clean of your insurance will make sure that cover is up to date and provide protection for you and your family. It might not seem like a lot of work but this is the best way to start your spring clean.

Clean inside your ‘van
Start with cleaning, vacuuming and dusting. This is where it is very important to keep an eye out for damp or any other damage that has occurred over the winter months. Any problems or concerns, book a damp test or an Annual Service. Flush through the caravan’s water system and check the gas and electrical appliances.

Clean outside your ‘van
If your caravan was stored outside during the winter season then this might be a slightly strenuous task. But with a good amount of water and determination you are sure to get your caravan looking brand new.

Check your tyres
Give your caravan tyres a thorough inspection, checking for cuts and bulges. Make sure to also test the tread depth. This will keep you and your family safer on the road.

Check the hitch
The hitch is very important as it is the only thing between your tow car and your caravan. Make sure it is secured firmly and that it is clean and properly greased. While doing this, check to make sure that the breakaway cable is also in good condition.

We hope this helps when it comes to giving your caravan that all-important spring clean! For any caravan repairs or servicing, call or book online! Find us at Kenfig Industrial Estate, Margam, Port Talbot.

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