Caravan Winter Storage guide

As winter approaches, many caravan users decide to take their vehicle off road and put into storage. When it comes to caravan storage, there are a few options to consider and tips to remember. Here is our caravan storage guide.

Home storage
If you’re lucky enough to have the room, storing your caravan at home is by far the cheapest option. It makes it easy to keep an eye on and is easily accessible if any maintenance or servicing is due. However, as much as there are pros to this option, there are also some cons. Tourers are hard to hide and will take up a lot of space at the front of a house, so much so that it could potentially cause problems for neighbours. Not to mention how when next towed, it can be more noticeable to potential burglars that you are out of the house on holiday.

Open air storage
Your second option is open air storage sites. This is the second cheapest option, with some sites offering as low as £3 a week to store a tourer. They tend to have reasonable surveillance, with CCTV and secured, alarmed fencing. However, although the vehicle may be secured, it would not be protected against bad weather. A top tip for those considering an open air storage site would be to choose one that offers hard standing rather than a field.

Undercover storage
The most secure option would be to consider an undercover storage site. Although this option could be the most expensive, many consider it to be the best due to the enhanced security and shelter from the elements.

Don’t forget
It is important to remember that when your caravan is stored that the security devices are fitted correctly and the keys are stored in a safe place. Making sure all of the windows and roof lights are secured. Not forgetting to chock the wheels, and leave the handbrake off to prevent the brakes seizing up over the long period of time. Remove all things such as foods and perishables, but leaving the fridge door ajar. If the leisure battery is not needed to power the alarms, take it home to charge. And finally, drain the water system and toilet to protect against the cold weather and frost.

For more information, please visit our website or come and visit us in store. We are located at Margam, Port Talbot. We are happy to help.

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