Top 5 accessories for a stress free caravan holiday

Whether it’s comfort or security, there are all sorts of accessories to make your holiday easier and more enjoyable. We have narrowed it down to a list of five. So here is our recommended top 5 accessories for a stress free caravan getaway. 

1. Water carrier. 

These might be the most important items on the list. A rolling water carrier is essential, especially if the water mains are far away. This way you avoid heavy lifting that could cause injuries.

2. Crockery.

A dinner set specifically designed for caravanning is a good investment when plastic forks and paper plates won’t cut it. A simple 16 piece set should do the job. They are durable and lightweight, perfect for your holiday.

3. Awning.

These act as an extension to your caravan. They’re a good place to relax and a great place for kids to play, especially in wet weather. Perfect for entertaining guests.

4. Safety and security.

Important safety and security accessories include burglar, smoke & carbon monoxide alarms, hitch locks & wheel clamps. Your safety comes first, therefore these accessories are a must.

5. Steps. 

In contrast to your home, your caravan door won’t be in line with the floor. Therefore steps are an essential when it comes to avoiding injury.

Once you’ve packed these must-have accessories you’re ready to be on your way. However if you’re missing any, feel free to visit our Accessory shop at Margam, Port Talbot, where you will find everything you need for a happy holiday.

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