Guidelines For Winter Use

Planning Using Your Caravan or Motorhome This Winter?
There are so many sites open almost all year round now, so why not make more use of your caravan or motorhome, no point leaving your leisure vehicle hanging around waiting for the summer to return.
Using your caravan during the cooler, wetter, darker months requires a little more care to be taken when planning your breaks and travelling to and from your chosen destinations. In addition to some thoughtful planning, some extra equipment should also be carried on every journey.
Keeping your caravan in good condition is very important, even more so during the winter. Here are a few pointers.

  • Keep it clean, road lights need to be effective.
  • Tyres, including the spare. Good  tyres are important all year around, even more so in the wet weather.
  • Brakes. Get them checked, make sure they operate correctly. More accidents and mishaps happen during the darker, wetter spells.
  • Carry a good jack. A trolley jack is by far the safest and easiest of all to use if you have a puncture. There are plenty available, some are supplied in a plastic carry case.
  • A roadside triangle and hi-viz vest or jacket.
  • A decent torch and good batteries.
  • Of course, all the necessary tools needed to change a wheel.
  • Last but not least, get yourselves decent breakdown cover, changing a wheel in the rain on a dark night at the roadside can be a terrifying experience.

After you have taken care of the road safety aspect of caravanning, you need to think about the habitation side of the caravan. If you have previously stayed at your caravan in the autumn or winter, you’ll know how cold it can get, especially during the night.
Making sure you have adequate supplies will make your breaks more comfortable, knowing your cupboards are sufficiently stocked means you may not have to go out shopping if the weather turns bad. Plan your meals and shop smart.
Top up your fresh water and empty the waste whilst it’s dry, there’s nothing worse than running out of water when it’s pouring down. Carry a spare gas bottle, again, you don’t want to be hunting around for an exchange in the dark, or the poor weather.
A couple of spare blankets are always handy, day or night. Should a problem arise with the onboard heating system, a good blanket could save the day. Ventilation is also very important. Colder weather will create more condensation inside the caravan, especially when you are cooking and using the heating, which you will need when the temperature drops, just keep a couple of windows open on the vent to create a little airflow.
I’m sure if you are planning using your caravan in the winter, youv’e already thought about clothing and footwear, don’t forget a good torch for when your out walking after dark, It’s easy to get caught out.
Most of all, enjoy your winter breaks. Plan well, make it easy!
If you need any more help, tips or advice, please give us a call 01656 336 338 or click here to use the contact form.

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