How To Prevent Damp In Your Caravan


If you are storing your caravan over winter then choose your spot carefully. Caravans are designed to be outside, but there are inside storage spaces available. Avoid the temptation to park your caravan under a tree for shelter, as the likelihood is that it will be damaged by falling branches and a build up of dead leaves.

You can purchase breathable covers for caravans that will prevent any weather damage but still allow air to circulate freely around the caravan, preventing any mould and mildew from forming.


Give your caravan a thorough clean before you store it. This will remove any mould that could cause damage and give you a chance to inspect the body work of the caravan. Only use cleaning products that are designed for use on caravans and avoid the temptation to use a pressure washer, as this can be too harsh for some caravans.

If you have driven your caravan when there is grit on the road pay particular attention to cleaning the chassis as salt can quickly cause corrosion.

Once you have cleaned your caravan then you can apply a wax to help protect your caravan from weather damage.


Give the inside of your caravan a thorough clean and inspection. Do everything you can to prevent mould and mildew and increase airflow.

Leave the fridge door open and give the kitchen area a really good clean, as this is the area most likely to attract mould.

All cupboard and wardrobe doors should be left open to help with airflow and if possible remove all cushions, or store them in an upright position.

Put a light covering of grease such as WD40 on hinges to stop them from rusting, but do this very carefully as you don’t want to get any on doors or surfaces.

While you are cleaning the inside check everything very carefully for signs of damp.


Drain out all the water from your water systems, remembering to empty all the taps and remove the shower head as well. If any water is left in the systems or in the storage tank then it could freeze and cause damage or cause a large build up of mould.

The waste tank of your toilet must be emptied and thoroughly cleaned. It is worth flushing a lot of clean water through the toilet system to ensure the whole system is clean before the winter. You should also check any runner seals around the toilet area.

You can bring your caravan into our caravan service centre at Kenfig Industrial Estate for a full check before winter so you know that you will be able to enjoy lots more holidays next year.

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