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How to keep children entertained on long journeys

You are excited about going on your caravan holiday and so are your kids. You’ve all been planning how you are going to spend your holiday but has anyone thought about the journey? The ride to your destination can be a long and possibly unenjoyable one with children who feel restless sat in a car for hours on end. We have 5 top tips that could help keep children entertained on long journeys.

Travel games
Games such as Battleships, Connect Four and Chess are all available in travel editions making it easy to still have fun whilst on the road. Or if your children prefer to play alone, there are plenty of activity books available full of games, puzzles and colouring.

Audio books
If your kids love to read, that’s great! However, some may still struggle or prefer to be read to. There are some amazing box sets of audiobooks from Roald Dahl to JK Rowling to keep your children entertained for hours.

It’s important to stop frequently so that you can all stretch your legs and maybe even grab a bite to eat. Planning somewhere to explore on the way will help combat boredom for your kids, especially if it includes physical activity. They might even get some sleep during the rest of the journey!

Many people may want to avoid heavy usage of computers for their children, but tablets are great for keeping children entertained for short periods of time. From books to films and games, there are lots of fun and educational things to do.

To help combat those hungry moments, make sure to pack some snacks for the journey, staying away from too many sugary treats. You could also save yourself money by packing sandwiches to avoid spending a lot at the motorway service stations.

We hope these tips help the next time you head out on your Caravan Holidays! Before going, why not book an Annual Service here at Caravan Mobile Services.

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