Rhino Goo Upvc Cleaner

Rhino Goo UPVC Cleaner


Rhino Goo Upvc cleaner is a simple to use, highly effective and powerful cleaning solution.


Rhino Goo UPVC Cleaner

Already being supplied to professional window cleaning companies, trade strength Rhino Goo UPVC and glass cleaner is now available for domestic customers. Rhino Goo are well known for a range of professional quality cleaning products and now present a brand new product for 2019. Simply mix 500 ml of the concentrated product with 5L of clean water to make up a highly effective and powerful cleaning solution that can be applied by hand or spray with a pressure washer. Just agitate with a soft brush or sponge and then rinse off with clean water to finish. Polish with a dry cloth to perfection or just leave to dry. Rhino Goo UPVC Cleaner can also be used neat for max strength on particularly stubborn areas like nicotine stains etc. The cleaning product is non solvent so removes any risk of damage to incompatible plastics and so is safe to use indoors. Rhino Goo UPVC Cleaner contains an algae growth inhibitor to help keep your buildings and garden items that are exposed to the weather, looking like new. The inhibitor also helps to increases the time periods between cleaning. There are also many other things that can be cleaned with Rhino Goo UPVC Cleaner such as composite plastic decking, boats, fencing, childrens garden play sets and all polycarbonates. Rhino Goo UPVC Cleaner is non caustic, biodegradable and safe for you and the environment.

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Rhino Goo UPVC Cleaner

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