Damp Repairs

You won’t be disappointed with our level of service. We can also service your leisure vehicle and keep your manufacturers warranty up to date.

Leisure Vehicle Damp Repairs

We Are Equipped To Take On Major & Minor Damp Repairs.

Don’t let damp take hold in your caravan, get a regular damp inspection!

Don’t let damp take hold in your caravan, get a regular damp inspection! Regular thorough damp inspections can help spot water ingress early and help prevent costly bills for damp repairs.
Damp problems in caravans and motorhomes can take hold quite quickly and can cause huge amounts of damage if not detected and treated resulting in expensive damp repairs. Damp is generally caused by water ingress finding its way in to the vehicle through overlap joints and rails, sometimes also where there may be some unnoticed damage.

Damp gets in and spreads to the timber frame, wall boards, flooring and in more severe and long term damp cases it can affect furniture, furnishings, electrics and appliances.
Damp also has a distinct smell and appearance, generally by this time it has taken hold and caused unseen damage. Various steps can be taken to help prevent damp, regular damp inspections is just one step in the right direction, regular maintenance is another.
No caravan or motorhome owner wants to hear there is damp present in their vehicle, but damp is a common occurance and has to be dealt with as soon as it is possible, hopefully avoiding expensive bills for damp repairs, damp doesn’t go away by itself and should not be ignored.

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Damp repairs are a big part of our workload. We take considerable pride in our work and always aim to complete repairs to an extremely high standard.

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Damp Repairs

Damp Repairs Availability

Please contact us for more information and to book in for a damp test or repair.

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