Top 5 Tyre Tips

You are preparing for a getaway with the kids and you’re almost ready to hit the road. But wait, have you checked your tyres? Are they safe? If not, there is no need to panic because we have some tips to help ensure your safety and get you on your way.

  1. Damage. Can you see cracks in your side wall? This could be a result of age and UV damage and mean your tyres are starting to deteriorate. This might not only reduce their performance, but also compromise your safety. You’ll need to have them checked by a professional. The same applies if there are any lumps or cuts in the tyre. 
  2. Bolts. You must make sure that they are secured properly, this will prevent the wheels from detaching. This should be done regularly, and preferably before every journey. You can find the specific tension or torque in your caravan manual. You will need a good torque wrench for the job, therefore it would be a good idea to invest in a reliable one. 
  3. Tread depth. This will help the caravan keep in contact with the road – which is especially important in rainy conditions.  The UK’s legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm. Any less than this would be considered as illegal and would need to be checked over by a professional. 
  4. Tyre pressure. This is important because the correct tyre pressure could lead to an even wear rate which results in longer tyre life. Not only that, but it could in fact minimise fuel costs because it reduces their rolling resistance, which means the engine wouldn’t have to work as hard. But most importantly, it reduces rapid deflation which can cause loss of control of the vehicle. 
  5. Loading. Remember that your load should be stored as low down and wide as possible. This makes sure the caravan stays safe and stable, otherwise it could overload the tyres. 

Now you are ready to be on your way and feel confident that you are safe. For professional advice or servicing before towing, visit our service centre in Margam, Port Talbot.


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