Is your tow car Winter ready?

Is your tow car winter ready?

The cold weather is no match for some caravan owners who enjoy braving the Winter season. But, it is always sensible to be prepared if the worse should happen. Here is how we advise you to ensure that your tow car is winter ready.

What is antifreeze? Well, it’s in the name. Antifreeze is needed in the cold weather to prevent the water in your car from freezing. It is important to know which Antifreeze is right for you because it is going right into your engine, so, research beforehand is essential.

Screen wash
It is important to remember to keep your screen wash topped up during the winter. This will help solve any issues seeing through your windscreen. Make sure that the screenwash you are using can handle the cold temperatures. If it fails to do so the water pump could freeze which would mean the fuse would blow and the windscreen wipers would stop working.

The cold winter months can sometimes be the to blame for battery failure. Always make sure that the lights and windscreen wipers are switched off. Also, try not to overuse the heaters when driving so that the battery isn’t under too much strain. If your tow car has an old battery, make sure to get it checked before travelling this winter.

Making sure your tyres are ready for the cold weather is essential. The pressure and tread depth need to be thoroughly checked. The legal minimum of tread depth is 1.6mm, however, we recommend a minimum of 3mm during the winter months. Also, another option would be to change from summer tyres to winter tyres.

Emergency Kit
Accidents can happen. So it is important that you are prepared. If the worse were to happen and you and your family did break down while towing in the cold weather, an emergency kit can help. We recommend that you keep the kit in your tow car that and that it should include warm clothes and blankets, a shovel, an ice scraper and de-icer, a torch and some snacks (just in case emergency repair services take some time to arrive).

We hope this helps anyone who is towing their caravan this Winter. For more information visit our website at  

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