What’s on offer this Winter

It is that time of year again where it is almost time to store your caravan away safely for the winter months. However, now would be a really sensible time to complete any last minute servicing that is due, so that when spring arrives and it’s time to take the caravan out of storage your caravan will be ready to go and the holidays can start straight away.

Annual Service

A full annual service can help eliminate common issues that very often arise whilst the caravan or motorhome is being used, sometimes causing unnecessary aggravation. It is therefore a good idea to have the annual service before putting it away for the winter to sort out any problems that might have occurred over the previous summer/autumn months.

Damp Service

With the wet weather of the recent weeks, many may be left with damp problems in their caravans. Damp can sometimes be detected by either visual stains or strong smells. It might not be urgent, but leaving it until after the winter break could lead to more extreme problems. Our advice would be to allow a professional to give a damp test  

Drain your caravan down

The last thing any caravan owner wants to find after picking up their van from storage is a burst pipe or water damage caused by the cold weather and frost. We offer a drain down service to help prevent this from happening.

Caravan Covers

Our Caravan covers are fantastic for winter storage, especially those who choose to store their caravan at home or even in the open air. The covers we supply are a universal fit, come in grey or green and  prices start from £85. We recommend these caravan covers, and have trialled and tested ourselves.

If you are interested in any of the above services, further information and pricing can be found on our website. As for the damp test or drain down we are currently offering these at our workshop for £30 each! Book both in advance and we can offer it for as little as £50.

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